Monday, March 7, 2011

River Forest Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Have you been considering a River Forest Bathroom remodeling project? People have recently been requesting new ideas for their shower/bath setup. There are a ton of different ways to remodel your bath into something more your style --the trick is envisioning all of your options and choosing what works best with your space, budget, and style.

One of the more trendy choices for your new shower is the wet room. A wet room removes the problem of the boxy shower, greatly opening up the room. In a wet room, all of the water drains away through a single drain in the ground. It provides a very organic, clean feel for your bathroom space --they are both modern and easily cleaned. A free-standing shower is another option for your River forest remodeling task. Like the wet room, a free-standing shower does away with the bath and gives you more space. It is however, more of a self contained cubicle than the wet room design.

Finally, you might just be interested in a luxurious bathtub, complete with jets and temperature control. Although they take up more space than a freestanding option, they will greatly increase the value of your home. You won’t regret the relaxation provided by a new bathtub. However, bigger does not always mean better. You might be more at home in an understated retro or vintage tub.

While lacking the bells and whistles of a modern bathtub, they will add more character and elegance to the room. Furthermore, jacuzzi bathtubs can be extremely expensive, but so can wet rooms and freestanding showers. It all depends on your needs and budget. This River Forest remodeling project can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

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