Monday, March 14, 2011

Ideas for Western Springs Home Additions

If you are unhappy with your current home, but ambivalent about the idea of buying and moving into a new house, there are plenty of Western Springs home improvement projects that could make you happier with your living situation. Not only will it cost less, home additions will increase the value of your home, give you a chance to express your creative side, and provide you with some much needed breathing room.

One idea for your Western Springs Home Additions is a new mudroom. Often people feel cramped because they have their washer and dryer in their kitchen or an awkward closet. Having a dedicated place for laundry will alleviate a lot of the clutter you experience day-to-day. You’ll also really appreciate a dedicated space for wet coats and dirty shoes. No more muddy rugs! A mudroom is a fairly cheap addition to plan. You simply need to make sure it will be in a convenient location. Invest in this one dirty room to keep the rest of your house spotless!

Another increasingly common Western Springs home improvement project is the installation of a panic room. This can be a multifunction room that is used in the event of an emergency as shelter, or a space for emergency storage. It can be a place to escape from home invasion attempts or shelter from a tornado. It could also simply be a dedicated hideaway for a backup generator and some cans of food. However great or simple your needs, a panic room is a growing trend for modern households.

If you are interested in these or any other home addition, you should contact Lamantia for a free consultation. We can help turn your dream home into reality.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Riverside Basement Remodeling: From Basement To Bedroom

Many families are realizing that Riverside home remodeling is a better financial move than buying an entirely new home. A simple way to add more space to your home is through a Riverside Basement Remodeling project. Your basement does not have to be a dungeon for storage and lost items. You can renovate that dark, damp space into a warm, live-able guest bedroom, family room, or bedroom for your kids.

The first thing you’ll want to do is outline your budget and your needs. Will the entire basement be converted into a bedroom? Or will only part of it be sectioned of into the new room. Do you also want to install a bathroom down there? Can you do the building and wiring by yourself?

Walls will be the first step toward finishing your brand new bedroom. Most basements are just walled in by the foundation. This makes it inhabitable, because it will be cold, dark, and damp. Therefore, start putting up walls --or find a contractor to do it for you. You’ll then probably want to paint them a very light color, since any dark color will make the already dark basement even darker.

Look up! Do you see exposed plumbing and wiring? Not only is this unsightly, but it could be a potential hazard to your occupant. You’ll want to install some kind of ceiling to hide it away. Consider sound proof ceiling tiles if this room is for your noisy teenager. While doing the ceiling, you’ll probably want to start on the lighting.

After setting your floor, all that’s left is furnishing the place. Many of these steps can be completed on your own. However, you must realize that this Riverside home remodeling project is going to take a lot of time and a lot of resources --consult a professional if you’re not up for it!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

River Forest Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Have you been considering a River Forest Bathroom remodeling project? People have recently been requesting new ideas for their shower/bath setup. There are a ton of different ways to remodel your bath into something more your style --the trick is envisioning all of your options and choosing what works best with your space, budget, and style.

One of the more trendy choices for your new shower is the wet room. A wet room removes the problem of the boxy shower, greatly opening up the room. In a wet room, all of the water drains away through a single drain in the ground. It provides a very organic, clean feel for your bathroom space --they are both modern and easily cleaned. A free-standing shower is another option for your River forest remodeling task. Like the wet room, a free-standing shower does away with the bath and gives you more space. It is however, more of a self contained cubicle than the wet room design.

Finally, you might just be interested in a luxurious bathtub, complete with jets and temperature control. Although they take up more space than a freestanding option, they will greatly increase the value of your home. You won’t regret the relaxation provided by a new bathtub. However, bigger does not always mean better. You might be more at home in an understated retro or vintage tub.

While lacking the bells and whistles of a modern bathtub, they will add more character and elegance to the room. Furthermore, jacuzzi bathtubs can be extremely expensive, but so can wet rooms and freestanding showers. It all depends on your needs and budget. This River Forest remodeling project can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Downers Grove Kitchen Remodeling Costs

So you’ve decided to undertake a Downers Grove Kitchen remodeling? Good for you! Think of your kitchen as a blank piece of paper, fresh and waiting to be filled with your creative ideas! The first thing you must decide is what you want from your new kitchen. Do you simply want some new cabinets? Do you just need to install some modern appliances? Or maybe you bought a home and have decided to completely renovate the kitchen. Maybe you just need a change?

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to dealing with any Downers Grove Home Renovation. First, cost is probably the biggest factor. Do you really need to gut renovate your kitchen? Do you really need to install the most expensive new refrigerator? Or does your older one work just fine? There are a lot of things you can do to lessen the financial burden of a remodeling project. You can save by booking an efficient and reputable contractor. You can also save by doing some or all of the project yourself. Just make sure not to get in over your head!

You also might be surprised at how much minor, inexpensive changes can entirely alter the feel and look of a kitchen. For example, if you feel your kitchen is dark and cramped, you might consider only replacing the cabinetry. Try replacing the cabinets with larger versions, in a lighter color. This will have a dramatic impact on how you feel about the space. Also, if you still have linoleum floors, simply changing them out to tile or wood will make it feel more sophisticated. Your Downers Grove home renovation project does not need to be a massive money-sink to have a massive impact.
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oak Brook Home Additions Ideas

Whether you are your own Oak Brook Home Builder or are looking to hire a contractor, home additions are a momentous task that should not be approached lightly. There are as many different kinds of Oak Brook Home Additions as reasons for wanting one. Some people are dissatisfied with the small size of their homes, and need new space. Maybe their family size is increasing, or maybe they just want a change of scenery. An addition is a great idea, and usually more cost-effective than simply moving to a new home. A well crafted addition will furthermore greatly increase the value of your home.

Enclosed patios are one of the more popular home additions in recent times. Residents greatly enjoy being able to use an enclosed patio as an entertainment space, or an area for relaxation. The best part of an enclosed patio is that you don’t have to be too concerned about the weather outside. There are many things to consider when thinking about adding an enclosed porch to your home, like what kinds of permits you will need, the proper materials, and how you will wire the new room.

If you’re a serious Oak Brook home builder, you might consider adding an entirely new story to your house. A new story will add significant amounts of space to your home, and could possibly double its value. You may be interested in building a small attic-like space, adding more space onto your garage, or working on an entire second floor to your single floor home. This is a large undertaking, and should not be started without lots and lots of planning. You should certainly consult professionals for larger Oak Brook home additions.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

LaGrange Basement Remodeling Ideas

Is has become very popular in LaGrange home improvement to refurbish the basement into a proper living area. The major obstacle here is that basements were not built to be fully functional living spaces --unless you live in a more modern house that has been build to accommodate a non-traditional basement. So, you will have many hurdles to jump over in making your basement a place that isn’t just a storage nightmare.

We all know that moisture is one of the biggest deterrents from turning basements into habitable spaces. Moisture can set back construction plans, ruin expensive construction materials, and damage your items. Sometimes there is some simple sealing that will resolve all of your moisture problems. However you will likely need to call a contractor for your LaGrange home improvement if you’ve got more significant moisture issues.

Besides being damp, the lack of light could be another deterrent from turning your basement into a living room, bedroom, or functional space. However there are many other creative uses of the space that you might not have previously considered. A lot of hands-on types will benefit from converting their basement into a workshop. Whether you enjoy sewing, metal-working, or painting, your basement could easily become a multifunction workroom. If you’re a wine aficionado, have you ever considered having your own wine cellar? This is a particularly good option if your basement runs cold. Finally, since it is often the least well lit space in the house,
you could turn it into your own home theater. With cushy chairs and a big television, it could be the perfect space for movie watching.

Your basement does not have to remain a under-utilized storage area. Consult a contractor for more information on our LaGrange basement remodeling services.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Tile for your Burr Ridge Bathroom Remodeling Project

One of the most commonly requested Burr Ridge Bathroom Remodeling requests involves placing down new tile. One advantage of ceramic --as well as granite-- tile in the bathroom is the price. While ceramic tile is much cheaper than granite, even granite tile can be an affordable bathroom counter-top choice. The labor is even a lot cheaper than many alternatives. Tile is simple to lay out, mortar, and grout, although it can be more of a hassle to cut.

One difference between using tile for kitchen as opposed to bathroom counters is that in kitchens it is important to reduce the size of seams. That means that slabs of granite, solid materials, and even concrete are more widely used in kitchen, because they don't have so many seams. However, in bathrooms, seams are not something we generally worry about.

An popular choice, which you might consider for your Burr Ridge Home Remodeling project, is solid-surface material. Solid-surface just means prefabricated, polymer-based counter materials. These polymer counters are susceptible to getting burnt on contact with hot bathroom appliances such as curling irons.

If you’re interested in higher end countertops, Zodiaq is a reliable brand of quartz. Quartz counters are almost entirely made up of quartz, with the rest made up of coloring and binding materials. Many designers are of the opinion that quartz looks as good as --if not better-- than granite counter tops.

Although slab granite is a common bathroom counter choice, it's also worth considering modular granite. This type of granite is available in sheets that are smaller than slab granite, but larger than ordinary granite tile. This allows you to lay down bathroom counters on your own, and still keep the seams to a minimum. And since bathroom counters tend to take up less surface area than kitchen counters, you'll have fewer seams. If you are uninterested in doing the labor yourself, call LaMantia for your Burr Ridge Home Remodeling Project!
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