Monday, March 14, 2011

Ideas for Western Springs Home Additions

If you are unhappy with your current home, but ambivalent about the idea of buying and moving into a new house, there are plenty of Western Springs home improvement projects that could make you happier with your living situation. Not only will it cost less, home additions will increase the value of your home, give you a chance to express your creative side, and provide you with some much needed breathing room.

One idea for your Western Springs Home Additions is a new mudroom. Often people feel cramped because they have their washer and dryer in their kitchen or an awkward closet. Having a dedicated place for laundry will alleviate a lot of the clutter you experience day-to-day. You’ll also really appreciate a dedicated space for wet coats and dirty shoes. No more muddy rugs! A mudroom is a fairly cheap addition to plan. You simply need to make sure it will be in a convenient location. Invest in this one dirty room to keep the rest of your house spotless!

Another increasingly common Western Springs home improvement project is the installation of a panic room. This can be a multifunction room that is used in the event of an emergency as shelter, or a space for emergency storage. It can be a place to escape from home invasion attempts or shelter from a tornado. It could also simply be a dedicated hideaway for a backup generator and some cans of food. However great or simple your needs, a panic room is a growing trend for modern households.

If you are interested in these or any other home addition, you should contact Lamantia for a free consultation. We can help turn your dream home into reality.
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